- michael, i'm sorry but i'm not feeling very well so i will not be so fun to hang out with today
- emma, don't worry! i'm sick too you know - i have a runny nose.
- oh, then we are sick buddies
- yeah

fyra dagar senare kallar han mig fortfarande sickbuddy hela tiden. 'sickbuddy it's your turn", "do you want to play a game, sickbuddy"?, sickbuddy, sickbuddy, sickbuddy...

- michael is the one that is a chatty box nowadays
- well, yes, but that doesn't mean that you're not. you're a chatty box too
- no, i'm not talking all the time anymore
- don't you remember when we saw indiana jones, i didn't sat anything then (det var en manad sedan)

- i'm gonna draw a ballet picture
- to bring to your next class?
- no. i told miss nanting about it and she said it was a good idea but she didn't want me to bring it
- why not?
- she said it would look too horrible
- hahaha! did she say that?
- no, i'm just making it up

- emma, we're gonna play a frog game
- no, michael, i'm sorry but i don't have energy to play games where i have to pretend i am something else
- no, you don't have to pretend. you are gonna be a human in the game
- no no no
- but emma, you don't have to pretend, you're allready a human!

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Ha det gott, sickbuddy! :)

2008-02-01 @ 04:11:12
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